J – Justice. I believe in building a just and equitable world where everyone has equal rights and opportunities.

A – Action Oriented. I love learning new things and using my knowledge and skills to improve my life and the lives of others. I enjoy learning by doing, making things happen, and getting things done.

I – Interested. I’m interested in understanding the world around me and actively engaging with people in my community.

Y – Yes. I try to say “yes” to myself and others unless there is a compelling reason not to.

A – Ask. I’ve always been curious about science and the world around me. My curiosity drives me to constantly ask “why?” Once I understand the “why” of something, it’s easier to accept and integrate it into my understanding of the world. I love it when others ask questions too, so don’t be afraid to ask!

I’m passionate about building meaningful relationships with people and nature and am happiest when I’m in the creative zone.

Architect, Polymath, Cosmetologist