For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a seeker of beauty.

In kindergarten, I spent many recesses in overgrown fields marveling at the lines, shapes, colors, and textures of the plant world. I remember running out of the classroom and seeing how the whole field moved as one with the winds. As I pierced the edge of the field – entering the grasses that were as tall as me in late spring – I could no longer see the whole, so I dropped down on all fours to focus on what was right in front of my face. I quickly became fascinated with the details of the individual reeds that contributed to making the whole. It was at this early age that I began to understand how the whole of something is made up of smaller and smaller parts and how different perspectives can completely change one’s experience.

My strongest memories come from moments in which I have been an observer and an artist simultaneously. I deepened my appreciation for geometry, color, balance and natural proportions in third grade by creating detailed illustrations of dissected plants that I discovered in the world around me. My appreciation of beauty has been nurtured throughout my life by many forms of artistic expression. No matter what I’m doing, I seek out visual beauty in the world around me as inspiration for my work.

As an artist and photographer I strive to share my perception of beauty, color, and composition with my audience.

As an architect I draw upon my understanding of natural beauty and proportion to create balanced, luminous, and uplifting spaces.

As a hair stylist I bring a renewed sense of beauty, joy, and confidence to my clients with haircuts that enhance their natural beauty.